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Custom Chain Choice by the Inch

Ronnie M

Regular price $3.00
Custom Chain Choice by the Inch
Custom Chain Choice by the Inch
Custom Chain Choice by the Inch
Custom Chain Choice by the Inch

Customize from Anklets to Bracelets, Waist Chains, and more with the 14K Gold Filled Custom Chain Choice by the inch. At $3.00 per inch, you can customize anything at the checkout by indicating the choice of what you want as well as the total inches desired for the design. 14K Gold Filled Chain is non-tarnish and will last a lifetime, similar to that of solid gold. 

Customized sizing at checkout, available in four options including:



Waist Chain

Necklace (additional extension chain included)

Please Note: All orders are final since this will be a custom order, and all chains will be soldered closed and cannot be recut and or remeasured. Please make sure you precisely measure the length of the chain so that there is no error. Choice of the chain is by the inch. 

Italian Gold Filled Quality.

**Charms and Old English Letters are not included in this price. Please see the Old English Letters online to complete your purchase and look.**

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